The tide is turning

After five months of battling and with one or two horror stories now behind us the future is looking much brighter, the Dolly Varden Restoration Project was officialy born today. We have a few quid and need to raise a whole lot more but that now is starting to seem less daunting with some fire in our bellies. We have the full picture regarding what lies ahead and a passionate team to carry out the restoration. it will be a four part project which we hope will start in the spring and we have an ambitious timeline goal in mind. More about this and further details to follow along with news of a character from Dolly’s past who has reappeared and feels as passionately about her as I do.

1 thought on “The tide is turning

  • Hello I log onto your site once in a while to see what news there might be. I too have taken over a large restoration of a wooden vessel and so am interested in other peoples projects too.
    I came to Dolly via a friend who is in some way related to the lady that owned and lived on board and I believe raised her children on dolly too.
    I am writing because every time I read though the site the notation under one of the pictures describes her as “hideous”, it irks me every time I read it. While it may not be to your liking and certainly it altered the look of the boat I would argue that It is almost certain that Dolly would have been lost to time and elements long ago if it were not for that chapter in her history. So perhaps it should be properly acknowledged for what it was a period that no doubt kept her around till such a time as now when there is a climate for restoring these lovely old craft. I do know that the lady loved the boat and has very fond memories of her.

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