Running out of time…..

We try to remain upbeat on the website and facebook page after all who wants to hear bad news? However as can probably be seen in recent times it is becoming more and more difficult to be optimistic. The debacle with Portsmouth IBTC has really cost us dear hence we keep carping on about it and very shortly we will have to pull the plug unless we can find a way forward, believe me we are still trying but carrying the financial load is too much for me to keep bearing. I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to maritime heritage and particularly with my work with The Shipwreck Project I have pumped a small fortune into local causes, soon it will have to stop. Dolly Varden is an important piece of British maritime history but that alone is not going to save her, if the nation wants her it will have to pay and sadly in these times that is not likely to become a reality.

2 thoughts on “Running out of time…..

  • Could you please give me details of current location of Dolly Varden . I am interested in taking the project forward . Is a viewing possible .
    Kind Regards Richard Bendy

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