November 17, 2015

Race History

Portsmouth Evening News - Wednesday 19 May 1937

Portsmouth Evening News – Wednesday 19 May 1937


Research is ongoing here but as far as we can tell Dolly raced for over 60 years at least both inshore and offshore with a reputation for going well in heavy conditions.












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Dolly Varden’s original racing pennant is framed and on display in the Cowes museum. We have in mind someone that can reproduce this although they don’t know they are going to do it yet!

gold cup

Winning the cup yet again, year unknown.


We love this extract from “Famous yachts”

“Peter Pan of sailing craft”


One of dozens of mentions we are finding in the newspaper archives, we will eventually compile a full list of her racing successes.

easy win

There wasn’t much to touch Dolly Varden if conditions were right.

Screenshot 2015-11-25 14.08.43

Her winning ways caught the attention of Thomas Ratsey and he could see where improvement would make her faster still, he eventually purchased Dolly in 1888.