Losing the talkers and finding the doers

It has been sometime since the last news and I was determined not to post anymore till we had a direction to head in good or bad. Dolly Varden will by hook or by crook sail again but it is going to be a hell of a hard road. I am going to have to toughen up to drive this through and my first lesson has been how to work out who really can help and means what they say and who just blows hot air. It is going to be all about those that really do understand what a gem Dolly is and hard cash, simple as that. After false starts, false promises and down right bad luck it now appears that the right people to restore Dolly and administer the operation are lining up on the hillside. In my head Dolly has been like the handbag that everyone danced around and admired at seventies parties while wondering what to do or say next. Yes we all agree she is one of the most significant vessels to survive to this day and yes we know it is going to be difficult and yes we know someone should do something, so I am.

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