Fighting talk

Since we received the shocking news from the IBTC we have done nothing other than search for a new way forward, it has literally been 24/7.

We must find a way to save Dolly Varden and her legacy and we are not going to be beaten by politics or those that move in mysterious ways.

The restoration and future of Dolly Varden will require a huge amount of effort involving a large number of people and so far the early signs are most encouraging, the human spirit is a powerful force as this room full of folks demonstrates nicely. We are all working on it HARD!

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    I was talking to a friend at the weekend about my sailing experience almost 50 years ago and mentioned that I and a few of my friends used to sail as crew on the Dolly Varden having known the owner. We sailed her over the channel and motored up to Paris a year or so before her 100 th birthday. I then decided to see if there was any mention about her as I knew some of her history and was surprised and delighted to see that there was plans to restore her having thought that she had long ceased to be. I would love to meet up with whoever is working on the project and see if I can help in any way. I may not have a lot of cash but I was great at fund raising so would like to help the beautiful lady. I just hope that I am not too late. I live in Ferndown so not to far away. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes

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