Fifty years and still in love!

Dolly is slowly making new friends which she needs to get her back smoking the waters again. As well as friends Dolly could do with some lovers and in Ron Watkins here she certainly has been reunited with one. Ron last saw and sailed Dolly Varden fifty years ago, he even took her down to Paris on a trip with the lads. Reminiscing with friends he was staggered to find that Dolly still existed albeit not looking her best and he is now a key part of the team heading up fundraising, a task that his years in business more than qualify him to do, great to have you aboard again Ron.

2 thoughts on “Fifty years and still in love!

  • Thank Grahame. Despite the age difference Dolly taught me a lot. I have a lot of happy memories (and some funny ones) of sailing Dolly. We took Dolly to Paris for her 100th birthday. To see her sailing again for her 150th birthday in 2022 would be wonderful and I hope to be on her when we achieve that goal. It will be a mammoth task and we will need all the help we can get but as the saying goes “ Faint heart never won Fair Lady”. The journey has started!

  • Lets hope this works out. As a boy Dolly Varden and Tally Ho were still significant to me through their images in the old yachting books around the house. Both now have at least a chance.

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